Poster for Tibetan Aid Project Benefit at the Freight on Sept. 7th

Take a musical world journey for a good cause—no passports required.
Elegant harp melodies by Diana Stork, Diana Rowan and Portia Diwa, ambient African Kora by Daniel Berkman, and traditional Hindustani ragas by Teed Rockwell, accompanied by Omkar Bhave on tabla.

Diana Stork and Portia Diwa will begin the set with enchanting harp duets. A leading light in the international harp world for over two decades, Ms. Stork’s eclectic style incorporates ethnic, classical and contemporary traditions. Portia is the Director of the Healing Harp Clinical Faculty at California Pacific Medical where she provides healing harp music for patients and students. Ms. Rowan’s music of unusual power and beauty is featured on many soundtracks for TV and film. A San Francisco based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and innovator of the kora (a 21-stringed harp/lute from West Africa), Daniel Berkman paints a soundscape of traditional West African songs with crafty and poignant kora pieces. Teed Rockwell and Omkar Bhave will conclude the evening with classical Hindustani music. Teed is the only person in the world to play Indian music on the touchstyle veena.

All proceeds will go to Tibetan Aid Project’s Tibetan-language book production and distribution project. TAP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping alive the endangered Tibetan culture and language. Every year, TAP helps fund the production and distribution of thousands of important books to refugee communities throughout Asia, leading not only to cultural preservation but increased literacy.