News From Diana Stork Harp Teacher


Dear Friends,
I am very excited to announce that I have just launched my own You Tube channel, where I am sharing videos of my original harp music and collaborations with wonderful musicians and artists.

The channel can be accessed using this link:

Or you can simply search for “Diana Stork” on You Tube.

I hope you will take a look and a listen to the videos. If you are so inspired, please take a moment to give them a “Like”, and if you want to hear more, please hit “Subscribe”. Those likes and subscribes really help a channel to grow, and you will be inviting new listeners into the world of the harp. I also welcome you to leave comments if you feel inspired to do so; I very much look forward to reading them!

The sheet music for some of these pieces can be found through my publishers: Afghan Press (includes print on demand), Harp Column Music, Sylva Woods Harp Center, Lyon and Healy Music (HarpCon), and Fatrock Music (take your pick–these are all great publishers).

Recordings of some of the music can be found on my website:

Composing music is something I’ve done my entire life; but composing for the harp has been one of my life’s most cherished callings. I hope you will subscribe and hear more of my music in the coming months.

Thank you so much for your interest and support! To a world in Harps and Harmony,
Diana Stork

FALL ~ Winter 2023

I am returning to performing again after a long COVID break..just baby steps.  I hope to see many old friends and meet new ones – especially this holiday season. Check my Events page for upcoming performances.

I’ve been focusing on staying close to home in our town of Point Richmond in the East Bay/Bay Area.  I’ve joined a number of organizations and find I’m playing harp music all over our lovely little town. I  have formed a harp duo with another Point Richmond harpist, Christina Zirker. We call ourselves The Point Sisters. We play a variety of world, classical and original music for a variety of local events. If you haven’t been to Point Rchmond, come for a visit, a walk, a stroll thru town. There’s alot going on in this special place.

I’ve finished several transcriptions of my music which you can on this website, and thru my publisher Afghan Press (; as well as a number of publishers who’re also handling my music (Fatrock Music:; Sylvia Woods Harp Center:; Harp Column Music: I’ve also finished a book: 3 Buddhist Pieces; and am close to finishing another Buddhist-inspired book:  Mantras and Prayers from Buddhist Traditions.

Thanks to my former student Amelia Romano, I now have a youtube site.  Amelia not only made the site, but recorded a piece of mine and put it up. Please take a look and listen at: With Amelia’s help, i plan to continue to put up sound recordings of some of my original compositions. Thanks for visiting the site and if you like, please like and share. thank-you!

Only a few of my books of music are available right now in pdf format – so this is an ongoing project.  In the process, I will certainly be adding some new music, editing out others, and polishing up some old arrangements, etc. After my chant book, I’m eager to work on first and early pieces books.

I am still teaching – though I am focusing on teaching children and teens.  I do have some adult students; who I’m also training to take over teaching harp to children.

I am still actively directing the Multicultural Music Fellowship ( Please check out all the good things we’ve been doing this year and over the years. We’re a non-profit and are always grateful for financial support and volunteers to help us in our projects.

I hope to see some of you before the year’s out.  And if not in person, please keep in touch.

Wishing you many Bright Blessings of the Season                                                         ~Diana