Teaching Harp

Teaching Harp

Diana Stork teaches private harp lessons and workshops

Diana Stork has been teaching privately in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1983. Diana’s style is personal for each student—working with the unique strengths and goals of each individual. She emphasizes a refined and relaxed technique, building repertoire from a wide variety of styles, and introducing and/or expanding on various aspects of music such as composition, improvisation, performance and playing in ensembles. She attempts to keep the elements of inspiration, love of the harp, creativity and fun in her lessons. She teaches all ages, but has become a specialist in the Bay Area in teaching children. She directs the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble, the Mission Harp Ensemble for Latino children, and gives workshops throughout the US and Europe.

Comments from Diana’s students:

“Diana is a very enthusiastic harp teacher! Her energy not only helps you learn, but also inspires you to reach for higher goals.” – Liza Rose-Age 12, Student

“Studying with Diana, I find that I am not only becoming a more creative and sensitive musician, but that I am falling deeper and deeper in love with the harp! She is a gifted and intuitive teacher, who brings together a skillful blend of harp technique, body wisdom, and the creative and spiritual dimensions of fully embodied musicianship. I leave our lessons feeling inspired and very grateful.”
– Karen Berg-Smith,

“…a wonderful, kind, skilled and patient teacher with a grand and giving heart.” – Wendolyn Bird, Teacher

“Diana Stork is an amazing teacher who has exposed me to many styles of music, including multicultural music. Due to her hard work, I have been part of several harp ensembles that have taught me much about harp music and working with others. Her commitment to her students and the harp, has further helped me flourish as a musician.” – Amelia Romano, Student U.C Berkeley

Comments from parents:

“Diana is a tremendous source of inspiration to our daughter. We couldn’t imagine a better role model for her.”
– Clint and Haliuna Haden

“…an important teacher, mentor, role model and friend to my daughter …planting so many seeds that will continue to bloom long after her “lessons” – Darla Romano, parent

“Diana does a fantastic job of imparting the sense to her students that music is “alive” and a part of them, not just something to be copied. She has the knack of gently expanding the musical limits of her students in a very supportive way.” – Julie Rogers