NEW RELEASE: “Harp Crossings ~ from North to South America and Back Again”

My book of harp music is completed and ready for publishing. It includes 65 pages/ 14 pieces of my original compositions inspired by my love and studies of a variety of traditional harp music from Latin America. It will also include sound recordings to help learn the pieces. Visit this site for details on its Release date – probably at end of September or early October.
Here’s some quotes from the introduction…

The Latin harp traditions are historically male-dominated; and it is my hope that by offering these Latin-inspired harp compositions more female harpists will enjoy playing these pieces and want to further explore these traditions.

As our countries become increasingly divided, there has never been a better time or way to honor and bridge our cultures than through music and the arts. With this in heart and mind, I offer this collection to the vision of a world in harmony.
~Diana Stork