A Light in the Darkness




Julia Ellis, Guided Meditation
Diana Stork, Harp
A Light in the Darkness
Support Along the Journey of Grief

While grief is a universal human experience, your grief is unique. You may find it
overwhelming, or you may find it hard to access at all. Wherever you are on your
journey through grief, this recording offers guidance and support, and invites you
into a place of greater compassion for yourself.

Julia Ellis, MA
Julia is a Hospice Bereavement Counselor and Expressive Arts therapist in the San
Francisco Bay Area. She works with grieving adults, children, and teens, and facilitates_
Writing through Loss groups. She believes in the power of the arts and creativity to
open us up to our own potential for healing, even in the midst of life’s deepest

Diana Stork, Harpist
In 1979, Diana was invited by Elizabeth’s Kubler-Ross to be her personal musician
at a healing workshop in Haines, Alaska. This chance encounter changed Diana’s life,
inspiring her to use her music for healing. Since then, Diana has played her harp in
hospitals, by bedsides of the dying, in healing centers, and has written and played on
dozens of therapy recordings.  Diana dedicates her efforts in this recording to the
memory of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a great teacher and leader in the hospice movement.